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Dedicated to the preservation, restoration, and enjoyment of all Cadillac
and LaSalle automobiles and to fellowship among members - for over forty years!

Results from the 2014 Annual Meet at Peddler's Village
1940 to 1949 Cadillac
  First Place 1949 Sedan Doug Lansing
  Second Place 1941 6109 Sedan George Scott
  Third Place 1947 Convertible Coupe Richard Nalavany
1950 to 1959
  First Place 1953 Convertible Coupe Wes Wood
  Second Place 1957 Convertible Coupe Ron Gaffin
  Third Place 1953 6219 Sedan Bernie Cooney
1960 to 1969
  First Place 1962 Fleetwood Sixty Special Art Archambeault
  Second Place 1962 Fleetwood Sixty Special Tom Pirog
  Third Place 1964 Deville Convertible Ted Mandalakis
1970 to 1975
  First Place 1970 Coupe de Ville Tom Murray
  Second Place 1970 Eldorado Gary Nolan
  Third Place 1970 Deville Convertible Brian Rachlin
1976 to 1979
  First Place 1976 Eldorado Convertible Bob Carniver
  Second Place 1976 Sedan de Ville June Rosser
  Third Place 1976 Eldorado Convertible Dave Ruden
1980 to 1999
  First Place 1990 Fleetwood Bill Bradney
  Second Place 1990 Fleetwood Bill Estes
  Third Place 1995 STS Tom Murray
2000 and Up
  First Place 2007 DTS Mike Bobby
  Second Place 2013 CTS Arthur Koestner
  Third Place 2011 Escalade EXT Jack Lehnhoff
  First Place 1993 Allanté Fred Miceli
  Second Place 1991 Allanté Dan Marsella
  Third Place 1989 Allanté John Monzo
Best of Show
  Early 1959 Fleetwood Sixty Special Stan Noll
  Late 1970 Deville Convertible Dick Thornton
Emeritus Cars in Attendance
  1941 6109 Sedan Marty Watkins
  1964 Eldorado Convertible Al Cowling
  1970 Eldorado Nick Belfato
  1970 Eldorado Taylor Fox
  1973 Hearse Mike Barruzza
  1974 Flower Car Mike Barruzza
  1976 Eldorado Convertible Joe Caristo
  1977 Eldorado Coupe Joe Caristo
  2006 DTS Chris Kendzierski
Best of Show - Emeritus Cars
  Early 1941 6109 Sedan Marty Watkins
  Late 2006 DTS Chris Kendzierski
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